Serve boldly. lead humbly.

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What People Are Saying

Bob Sanders
"Jeff's passionate commitment to the success of his people and professional selling is unmatched. Jeff is a highly principled leader who epitomizes the ideal of a servant while maintaining a pragmatic focus on delivering business results. His ability to balance the need to develop his team and simultaneously produce revenue make him a rare and valuable asset."
"I don't know if I ever worked for a more inspiring leader. Jeff cares about business, cares about success, and cares about his company. All of this is second to him caring about his people. Jeff practices, and more importantly believes, in what he calls servant leadership."
Systems Engineer
"I have met few people with the superlative leadership qualities of Jeff Lovejoy. Jeff creates a winning culture that breeds and perpetuates itself. This culture is based on logical analysis, goal-driven action, and individual emotional motivation. Few can balance all of these variables, but Jeff does it with ease. Jeff taught me that success is inevitable for those willing to dedicate their all to its pursuit."
John Anderson

30 Years as a Student and Practitioner of Leadership.

Jeff is a value-centered servant leader with high-integrity and consistent history of business & personal success. With experience leading numerous sales teams across diverse market segments, Jeff is an effective, engaged, and passionate leader. His unique blend of skills include the ability to cast vision, develop strategies, remove obstacles, learn rapidly and execute.  Jeff has proven himself to be an effective leader, over an extended period of time, in a highly competitive technology marketplace.

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